This site outlines a series of concerns questioning Mitt Romney’s logical reasoning and ability to act independently from the LDS Church.  We ask you the voters to decide if this information matters to you, the election, and the governing of our nation.

We advocate a strict interpretation of the First Amendment’s separation of church and state, not only to protect the government from the influence of any one religion, but to protect the religious institutions themselves from unfair or unwelcome intrusion into our manner of worship or lack thereof.

First and foremost, Mitt Romney is not accurately representing himself, nor is he accurately portraying the doctrines and commonly held beliefs of his Mormon faith.  This is not a matter of faith, but one of facts.  Accurate research and independent analysis is essential in helping to separate the candidate from the sound-bites.  Mormonism is one of the most misunderstood religions in America, but this in not solely attributable to our own parochial views; the LDS Church does much to obscure many of its true beliefs.  It is necessary to understand the structure of the LDS Church and its culture in order to identify the implications of a Mormon president for it is nearly impossible to separate the presidential candidate form the LDS Church.  Not only was Mitt Romney a Mormon missionary and graduate of BYU, but he also held LDS leadership positions as a bishop and stake president.  The LDS Church does not just have an active interest in Romney’s campaign, many believe they have an active role.

We are not attacking individual Mormons and the manner in which they live their lives.  We are not anti-Mormon, anti-Christian or anti-religious, any more than someone who writes a book about the papacy is anti-Catholic.  We stand by our statement that Mormons do not worship the same Christ as Christians, but we attest that on average most members of the LDS Church lead exemplary lives in respect to morality and familial obligations; any parent would be pleased if their children conducted themselves in the manner of most young Mormons. Nor do we wish to restrict anyone’s freedom of worship, though we will readily correct erroneous statements when science or historical facts contradict doctrinal claims.  If religions do not learn to police themselves then people will not pay attention to the things that truly matter.

There is no doubt Mitt Romney is a successful entrepreneur, politician, and organizer; the 2008 Olympics owe much of their success to his efforts [Book].  Few presidential candidates aside from Michael Bloomberg have achieved as much corporate success, though this does not necessarily translate into success in the Oval Office. His governorship in Massachusetts yielded no major surprises; Romney in fact leaned decidedly to left, though his recent policy statements indicate he has veered once again back to the right keeping inline with the LDS Church. The fact that Romney governed free from the influence of the LDS Church in Massachusetts might make this exercise moot, but his sudden policy changes at the beginning of this campaign are not comforting. In all honesty Mitt Romney might make a good president; he might even make a great president, but his recent flip-flops on some salient issues in conjunction with the following concerns leaves so many potential unknowns that we must at least  acknowledge the risks.


Consistency and Sincerity - America needs a commander-in-chief who consistently maintains positions on key issues and who possesses the keen ability to determine what is in the best interest of ALL Americans, regardless of creed, race and political orientation.  Candidates can and do change their minds; this is acceptable and prudent at times depending on the availability of new information.  However, it is doubtful that Mitt Romney has a sincere change of heart on so many issues on a weekly basis. The more probable culprit is that Romney is demonstrating a behavior ingrained in the Mormon missionary culture; he tells us what he thinks we want to hear and only what he feels we need to know, provided it promotes his political agenda and that of the LDS Church.  This is not the consistency and fortitude required to lead the nation, nor is it the openness and objectivity we desire of our leaders.



Misrepresentation - Mitt Romney is misrepresenting himself and his faith in order to secure votes from conservative and Evangelical Christians.  These voters not only want a candidate that reflects their values, but most in no uncertain terms desire a Christian candidate.  Mitt Romney claims Mormons are Christians, yet their beliefs are fundamentally inconsistent with traditional Christianity.  The question is not whether Mormons espouse Christian-like values or nominally acknowledge Jesus Christ.  This is not in dispute; Mormons are generally family-oriented, compassionate, and devoutly religious.  The issue is whether Mormons believe in traditional Christianity, do they worship the same Christ of the Christian Bible, and do they have the same concept of man and God?  Not believing such does not make Mormons immoral, nor does adherence to any other creed for that matter.  While non-Christians are welcome in politics today, deception is still frowned upon.  Mitt Romney must portray his faith inline with traditional Christianity to secure the necessary voting blocks.  There is no place in national politics for the Mormon practice of “Milk before Meat.”  Mitt Romney’s message is clearly deceptive, denying conservative and Evangelical Christians proper representation.  Christianity should not be the sole determination for candidacy, but sincerity and transparency is essential.
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Allegiance (Separation of Church & State) - Americans cannot be certain a Mormon president will act independently from the LDS Church.  This sounds alarmist and even biased at first, but please read our article titled The Mormon Wildcard before you assign blame as it clearly articulates our concerns.  Americans openly embrace candidates who concede that God guides their lives.  In fact, even the most patriotic Christian Americans would place God before country given the choice as government is far too susceptible to the foibles of man.  Here lies the inherent issue with a LDS president; though Mormons insist their faith and devotion is to God, sitting between Mitt Romney and God is a powerful, yet fallible intermediary in the form of their living Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.  This is not analogous to Catholicism as the Pope does not claim new revelations, but rather interprets existing scripture.  In addition, Mormons actually obey their prophet in all respects, thus immediately distinguishing itself from any comparisons to the papacy.  John F. Kennedy promised he would not look to Rome for guidance and in practice American Catholics, then and now do not blindly follow papal decrees (all criticism aside).  Mormons however, do in fact look to Salt Lake City for direction from God. Obedience to God is a virtue in America; this is not to be confused with blind obedience to man, no matter how spiritual or ordained.  Mormons accept their prophet’s word as God’s law and obedience is required of all Mormons; you cannot over emphasize this degree of loyalty.  In a secular society you have to admire this degree of religious obedience, but it is indeed a double-edged sword.  If obedience to the prophet is the cornerstone of the LDS faith and an absolute requirement, how can Mitt Romney remain an active LDS member and still act independently?
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Sound judgment – America needs a leader that is firmly grounded in reality, not fantasy.  The credulity required of Mormonism brings into question Mitt Romney’s reasoning and judgment.  This is not an assault on faith, rather a qualification.  Faith sustains us in the absence of evidence; it does not endure when proved beyond doubt to be contrary.  Some essential doctrines of the LDS Church are demonstrably false, yet Mormons continue to believe them despite ample evidence to the contrary.  We are not criticizing their morality or lifestyle, but their ability to decipher fact from fiction.  Many will counter that all religion is based on a set of improvable tenets and there is definite truth to this statement; however, the doctrines of Mitt Romney’s religion are not all protected under the umbrella of faith as some are verifiably untrue.
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In the words of the Mormon Apostle Orson Pratt: "convince us of our errors of doctrine, if we have any, by reason, by logical arguments, or by the word of God, and we will be ever grateful for the information" (The Seer). If ExposeRomney.com has made a factual or doctrinal error, please correct us and properly cite your sources.  If you believe we have misinterpreted a doctrine, please clarify the LDS Church’s position and properly cite the interpretation as given by the prophet or General Authority (GA).  Consistency is also important; a recent or progressive interpretation by one member of the LDS Church or even Mitt Romney himself does not constitute doctrine or common belief.  We base our conclusions on commonly held Mormon beliefs, statements, and interpretations that have historically been advocated by the LDS Church, i.e. these positions are clear and unambiguous.

To avoid claims of heresy and conjecture, we make thorough use of extensive LDS video and audio.  Often Mormons claim that critics fabricate claims or misrepresent the LDS Church’s doctrine and beliefs; this is not always an untrue statement.  Thanks to YouTube, we can now provide actual video footage confirming statements and teachings of the Prophet and Church leadership.  These are complied from official LDS educational materials, Mormon missionary training classes, and interviews with the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.

Mormons are joyful in their missionary work for they genuinely believe they are bringing truth to others; however, when those outside the LDS Church attempt to supplement that truth, Mormons are not so receptive.  Please consider this for a moment before you condemn our site for suggesting an alternative approach since we genuinely believe in our mission too.


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